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PamPurredPets was founded in 1981 when the first store opened in Ferndown, Dorset. By ensuring that we earn a reputation as being the place to go, PamPurredPets has become the south’s largest independent high street pet store chain. Our aim is to enhance the well-being of pets by supplying quality products at competitive prices from clean, hygienic surroundings with friendly, qualified staff.

In the News

Six Months Of Healthy Food Donated To Waggy Tails Rescue

Waggy Tails


Trout Mousse will be one of the items on the menu at the Waggy Tails Dog Rescue centre at Canford Magna thanks to a donation of healthy dog food worth over £13,000. Graham Smith, Chief Executive of Worcestershire based pet food supplier Fish4Dogs Ltd met volunteers from Waggy Tails at a recent fun day organised by PamPurredPets and felt compelled to donate to the charity after meeting some of the rescued dogs by the dedicated team. The Fun Day also generated over £1200 for the charity.

PamPurredPets Marketing Manager Charlotte Sturmey visited the charity to see how the 16 rescued dogs awaiting re homing were enjoying the healthy diet on behalf of Fish4Dogs.

Shelagh Meredith, founder and Chairman Waggy Tails Rescue, said that the high quality food will help feed the dogs in their care, including dogs with foster families, for 6 months.

"PamPurredPets have supported Waggy Tails since2008 and raise about £5,000 which is wonderful as he situation with stray and unwanted dogs gets steadily worse,” said Shelagh. “Unfortunately most members of the public who buy dogs from unknown sources do not appreciate the problems they may have. They can also be very interbred resulting in health issues not apparent until they are older. Dogs and puppies are now being imported from Eastern European countries, where the conditions may even be worse. All this means that the demand for rescues grows and more and more dogs are put to sleep every year by local authority pounds because there are no spaces in rescue for them.”

Anyone who can offer any support for the charity, or would like to foster or rehome an animal, should call 01202 875000 or visit

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