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Welcome to PamPurredPets

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PamPurredPets was founded in 1981 when the first store opened in Ferndown, Dorset. By ensuring that we earn a reputation as being the place to go, PamPurredPets has become the south’s largest independent high street pet store chain. Our aim is to enhance the well-being of pets by supplying quality products at competitive prices from clean, hygienic surroundings with friendly, qualified staff.

In the News

Fit Club Success For Dudley The Dog

In July, family owned pet store chain PamPurredPets introduced weighing scales, similar to those used by vets, so that customers can monitor free of charge the weight of their pets as part of a free “Fit Club”. Pet owners are be able gain dietary advice from store staff. Alan Williams, a Car Technician from Parkstone and his son Josh 13, were amongst the first to use the free service. They were concerned about the weight of Dudley, their 6 year old Chocolate Labrador.

“We realised that Dudley was not burning off enough calories even though we walk him an hour each day and he spends much of his time in the garden,” said Alan. “We have placed him on a diet after the recommendation from the store team and he has already lost weight and still very happy with life!”

The Williams family hope to gradually reach the target weight of 30 kilos as Dudley is a large dog.

Steve Fowler, Managing Director and founder of PamPurredPets, says the scales and the promotion of the Fit Club in all of their 49 stores is having a healthy impact on people’s pets.

“Unfortunately many pets can have their lives shortened if they do not receive the correct nutrition and portion sizes. We do not lecture customers but hope to make them aware if they are being over generous with food which could be harmful to their pet’s health,” said Steve Fowler.

Fit Club Success For Dudley The Dog

Free Biodegradable Dog Poo Bags offered to desperate Cheltenham Dog Owners

A pet store on Winchcombe Street in Cheltenham is offering free biodegradable dog poo bags to help to encourage more owners to pick up faeces as they walk in the area. PamPurredPets, who opened new store at the former Majestic Wine store in September, hopes that the giveaway bags will help the on-going need for more owners to pick it up. Managing Director Steve Fowler says that the bio poop bags offer an eco friendly alternative for dog owners.

“It has always seemed odd to put natural waste that will rapidly decompose into a bag that will pollute the environment for years,” said Steve Fowler. “The eco-friendly bags can be safely buried in gardens or placed within compost should the dog owner not be able to use a waste bin.”

He said that having owned dogs for 20 years he appreciates that to pick up the faeces whilst out walking is one of the few less rewarding aspects of dog ownership, but if dog owners fail to pick up the waste they will encourage the call for dogs to be banned from public spaces.

“Even dog owners with good intentions can find themselves suddenly short of bags in their coat pocket so our store team will be pleased to offer an emergency bag or two!”

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