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PamPurredPets was founded in 1981 when the first store opened in Ferndown, Dorset. By ensuring that we earn a reputation as being the place to go, PamPurredPets has become the south’s largest independent high street pet store chain. Our aim is to enhance the well-being of pets by supplying quality products at competitive prices from clean, hygienic surroundings with friendly, qualified staff.

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Local Farms Supply first Fair To Nature Straw and Hay Stockist

It’s not often Steve Fowler managing director and founder of the expanding pet store chain PamPurredPets has the chance to spend a day on a farm. The opportunity to do so followed a decision to stock Fair To Nature organic hay and straw within their 48 stores across southern England and Wales for small pets including rabbits and guinea pigs.

To see what goes into organic meadow farming and how farmers meet the criteria required by |Conservation Grade’s Fair To Nature farming scheme, Steve met Paul Phillips at 500 acre New Park Farm in Horsington, Somerset.

“We are primarily an organic farm producing hay and haylage. We are approved by Fair To Nature as we provide important buffer strips of land near the river and in corners of the fields that encourage a wide variety of wildlife to flourish,” says Paul.

Steve said that he was pleased to be stocking Fair To Nature products as his customers are keen to seek eco-friendly goods that offer healthy and natural bedding for their pets whilst supporting farmers who care for nature and the wildlife in the countryside.

Fair to Nature hay and straw

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